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When you want to lose weight, you have many options. Some options are better than others. The best weight loss program will not only help you shed pounds, but will also help you keep the weight off and stay healthy.

Which Program Is Rated As The Best Weight Loss Program?

Weight Watchers began in 1963. It is rated the top program for weight loss because it is effective and healthy. Equally important, individuals who lose weight with the Weight Watchers program not only see short-term results, but long-term results as well.

Weight Watchers works by helping the person learn healthier eating habits. While fad diets place extreme restrictions on the foods you can eat, this is not the case with Weight Watchers. You can eat a wide variety of healthy foods, and even enjoy snacks.

If you do not want to count calories or be concerned about portion sizes, Weight Watchers offers a simple solution. You can purchase the products you want, with the serving size and calorie content already determined for you. However, you are not obligated to buy any products from Weight Watchers. You can purchase your own, and try a wide range of delicious recipes.

There are other benefits to this program. One is the support you will receive when you are losing weight. You can attend meetings in person, or become an online member. You will also be encouraged to exercise. Both of these benefits can help you reach and maintain your ideal weight.

You Can Develop Your Best Weight Loss Program Yourself

There may be reasons you decide a traditional weight loss program is not for you. It is not impossible to develop your own program. While there are plenty of benefits to Weight Watchers, you can also succeed on your own.

You can begin by developing a healthy eating plan. The concept of four basic food groups is as useful today as it was in the past. Focus your daily meal plans on lean meat and protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and low-fat dairy products. If you combine this plan with healthy exercise, you will lose weight.

Which Program Is For You?

This is a decision each person must make for himself. The good news is both diet plans work. You can lose unwanted weight, increase your overall health, and keep the pounds off in the future. Weight Watchers or your own plan can lead to success.

One of the many frustrations of many adults today is that they never grew to a height that they are satisfied with. There are indeed many advantages to being taller than most of one’s peers like looking more aesthetically pleasing, getting to have more choices in clothes, and just simply being able to reach things most other people could not. Although genetics play a huge factor in determining a person’s height, there are some ways in which one can actually grow taller by following simple exercise routines.

Here are some of the most effective height increasing exercises.

1.) Stretching — The moment you wake up from deep slumber one of the first things that you need to do is to follow a stretching routine. Stretching is a great way to alleviate tight muscles as well as stiff joints all of which were caused by 7 to 8 hours of inactivity while you were sleeping. By stretching your muscles early in the morning it is like encouraging them to perform better throughout the day and more importantly, it helps you develop a better posture.

2.) Yoga — Based on the same principle is stretching, practicing yoga is also an excellent way to gain height. With the many poses and stretching exercises that you do, you will be forced to stand up straighter, develop a good posture thereby giving you added height. Some of the best yoga poses to encourage an increase in height include the following: downward facing dog, mountain pose, supported backbends and reclining twists.

3.) Swimming — Many parents encourage their kids to engage in competitive swimming at a young age. Why? This is because this particular sport encompasses all the stretching exercises and nutrition that you need for optimal growth at that particular age. Now as an adult, it is never too late to include swimming in your regular exercise regimen simply because it is the best exercise for just about anyone. Swimming engages all parts of your body at the same time it is a non-impact exercise.

There are two ways in which swimming can help you gain height:

  1. Water works against the gravity compression of the spine therefore encouraging it to elongate and to stretch.
  2.  Having your head bowed down especially in the freestyle or crawl position encourages better blood flow leading to the thyroid gland which aids in the production of growth hormones.

The most important thing to consider is that exercise should be combined with healthy eating habits to encourage growth. Eating more fruits and vegetables rather than foods that are heavy with fatty startch and oily foods will lead to better over-all health.